Working with professional marine and technical engineers with long service on seagoing vessels, we know very well the demands of an engine room as well as those of many other equipments


Reconditioning of Cyl. Heads, Heat Exchanger inspection & Cleaning, complete Diesel Engine & Turbocharger Preventive Maintainance
Full range of cylinder head reconditioning services, including disassembly, installation of spare parts, valve seat removal & machining if necessary, hydraulic test

SEIM Certified Service Point
Authorized SEIM center for full range of reconditioning services for PHS pumps, including disassembly, evaluation of affected parts, repair of main & idle rotors, installation of spare parts, reassembly & hydraulic test.We may also support the assembly of magnetic coupling in your SEIM pump.

Zollern Gears & Winches
We stand ready to provide technicians, certified by Zollern GmbH, to manage your crane slewing or luffing motor troubleshooting service. Upon request, our 24/7 center will respond to your special needs, from brake disc replacement to main rotor parts refurbishment.

Duap Injection Systems
Complete reconditioning services for your fuel injection systems, including fuel injectors & pump elements. In our sample testing center we are able to carry out further development of injection systems in large and small diesel engines with a particular focus on optimization the atomisation and combustion processes in the cylinder.

Geislinger Vibration Damper Complete Service
It is no longer necessary to replace your GEISLINGER torsional vibration damper if oil analysis results are out of limits. W&K is able to provide full, competitively priced service including repair of inertia elements and oil replacement, extending the lifetime of your vibrations damper. The result is remarkably close to new products and our procedure is followed by testing & certificate internal procedures.