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• Main engine Cylinder liner supply with LR,NK,BV,ABS,DNV
• STX Enpaco & Turbocharger technical service
• Samgong- Mitsubishi Purifier Korea agent
• Doosan/Hyundai Man B&W Engine spare parts
• Cummins agent
• Korea spare parts sales
• Donghwa entec(F.W.Generator/Heat exchanger etc) part sales.
• Donghwa - Tanabe Pneutec (ex. Jonghap Pneutec/ Air compressor) part sales.
• Service team for Kawasaki Steering Gear

Gold Engineering GmbH
Focusing mainly on Bergen Diesel engines, Messrs Gold Engineering GmbH are providing technical consulting, on-board/on-site inspection & analysis, as well as damage evaluation and repair assessment. Furthermore, they provide excellent services when spare parts are required as they have a wide OEM network. The premium consulting expertise and industry knowledge are the hallmarks of Messrs Gold Engineering approach. Where customers face a problem, they have a vision for the possible, helping reduce overall machine downtime and increase business efficiency.

Precision Products Ltd., located in UK
Messrs Precision Products Ltd. is now the only manufacturer in the UK committed to supply large bore piston rings. They can supply special rings in cast iron, bronze or steel as well as a full range of coatings (including chrome, copper, plasma etc.) at extremely short deliveries.
The aim of Messrs Precision Products Ltd. is to maintain the quality of piston rings supplied due to the high importance of subject components, at the very heart of powerful and expensive machinery.

Senda Shipping Engineering & Service Ltd.
Senda Shipping Engineering & Service Ltd. is a professional ship spares supplier
certified by BVQI ISO9001:2000. Located in new warehouses in Shanghai, Senda
keeps a very big stock of spare parts (new and reconditioned) for a very wide
range of engine types, and includes also spares of european manufacturers such
as Premech. A group of specialised engineers offer constant technical support
and secure timely and correct deliveries.
Furthermore, Senda is now appointed as Sales Agent for Hudong Heavy Machinery
Co. Ltd.(B&W MC & Wartsila Sulzer), Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Plant (Fuel
Injection Systems, Hydraulic & Electronic governors) & Nantong Navigation
Machinery Co. Ltd. (Nantong-Boll fully automatic back flushing filter, valve
remote control products, shell tube heater etc.)

Zollern-BHW GmbH, located in Germany
Messrs Zollern-BHW has nearly 80 years of experience in developing and producing metallic plain bearing and its alloys in their plants in Braunschweig and in Herbertingen, and is supported by highly developed production procedures for multilayer compound bearing materials as their worldwide most modern electroplating plant for plain bearings. Sophisticated machining methods and their consistent quality policy have qualified Zollern-BHW to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of large sized plain bearings. Their actual production program covers the whole range of plain bearings for large sized diesel engines as well as general industrial applications.

Dimar-Tec PTE Ltd., located in Singapore
DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. concentrates to specialize in preventive and predictive maintenance solutions for all diesel engine types in the Marine, Offshore and Power Generation industries.
With our principals manufacturing in Germany and Switzerland we ensure highest quality standards.
We provide technical services and product application support required to optimize the performance of diesel engines as well as for complete vessel operations.
We are very confident that we can show ways to improve working conditions, reducing downtime and maintenance costs thereby SAVING valuable dollars for the operations.
DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. provides state-of-the art solutions to improve the fuel treatment, monitor fuel and lub oil consumption as well as general vessel performance.
Further DIMAR-TEC Pte. Ltd. can provide the most cost efficient measurement devices and systems for Condition Based Maintenance processes.

SEIM S.r.l., located in Italy
Seim S.r.l. - Screw Pumps - has been on the market for over 40 years and has achieved a leadership position with over two million products installed, including screw pumps, heat exchangers and safety valves for numerous industries, including Energy, Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Pulp & Paper and Metal, automobilistico, Naval, just to name a few..

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